GraphWrangler: Extracting graphs from tabular data


I am Nafisa Anzum, a Master’s student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. For my Master’s thesis, I am developing a software called GraphWrangler, to help users extract graph out of tabular data (e.g., CSV files, spreadsheets, or relational databases). Specifically, GraphWrangler is meant to serve two purposes: (1) help users visualize and see their tabular as a graph; and (2) transform their tabular data into a graph format so that they can move their tabular data into the format of a graph software, such as a graph database or a graph visualization software. We recently wrote a demonstration paper, and have a video, where we describe the initial version of the software.

I am now trying to see how I can turn this research prototype into something more useful for actual users in the rest of my thesis work. So I am doing a user study as part of a study and trying to talk to actual users who extract graphs out of tabular data (or other forms of data) and do graph exploration on this data. I want to understand their use cases and how GraphWrangler can turn into something that can benefit them, and hopefully get their feedback.

If you are such a user, would you be willing to chat with me, to participate in the study? Your experiences and insights would be very instrumenta l in improving the GraphWrangler system.

Please email me (Nafisa Anzum, with if you would be willing to help and I really appreciate your time reading this email.


Nafisa Anzum


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