Gru: Getting Gru running locally?

Hey, just stumbled across Gru and love the concept and I want to contribute. Apologies if this is the wrong forum but is the demo server still running? ie the default server when I run gruclient with defaults? I’m getting timeouts (context deadline exceeded).


Hey @SierraFoxtrot

Thanks for the feedback. It’s definitely the right forum. We deprecated the command line Gru client (which used to communicate over gRPC) in favor of a web version (HTTP + JSON) and are actively developing it here The backend is in Go and we are using Dgraph as the DB. We’d love to have contributions from you.

Let us know if you are interested.

Thanks Pawan. I’ll check it out.

Silly me. I was playing around in master not the develop branch …

Just posting here for the next person to make the same mistake

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Thanks @SierraFoxtrot. I will add some instructions on how to get Gru up locally in case someone wants to contribute. Feel free to file a bug against us if you find documentation lacking.

The docs would be awesome because while I’ve made some progress, there still something I’m getting wrong. I’m also happy to write up the doco from a newb perspective if that helps…

So far:

  • I’ve got the simplehttpserver serving up files (ok, not a huge achievement but it was was a win! :smile:
  • Gru server is built and running
  • Gru server appears to be talking to dgraph.

I can access all this via localhost:8000

Questions I enter via the admin appear to be sent to dgraph (I grep’ed for strings in the dgraph datastore files). However…

“Show all questions” just gives the the red spinner and “Could not find any questions. Go to ADD QUESTION page to add some”. I’ll keep plugging away but would love to know if there is something simple I’m missing.

Hey @SierraFoxtrot

Sorry, I couldn’t get to writing the setup instructions today. I will do that right away. I understand that incomplete instructions can be a big frustration. Also, we are building and using Dgraph binary from master, some bug fixes went in that we haven’t officially released. Could you tell me if you are on Mac/Linux so that I can share the latest binary with you? (Or you can install Dgraph from source).

Update - Here are the updated instructions for getting Gru up and running - I am also thinking of building a Docker image for Gru, so that it’s more easier to get started and play around with. I see Gru becoming really polished in the next couple of weeks. Feel free to update the docs if you find something missing and I would be happy to accept a PR.

I would also encourage you to join our Slack community. You can invite yourself using You can also ping us there whenever you are stuck and we will do our best to help you.

P.S. - We just started using Gru in production today and a couple of candidates have already taken the quiz smoothly.

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I’d recommend using our Wiki to document Gru. It’s a lot easier to maintain over time, than github Readme.

Great stuff guys! I’ll check out slack today. Well done getting it into production.


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