What happened to Gru? The github is down

We decided to make it closed source, and are working towards launching it as a service. We didn’t get as much excitement for it from the open source community; and realized that the right audience for it is people who want a ready made solution, instead of tinkerers.

awww man, such a shame :frowning: I read about this a few weeks ago and I was super excited to try it now cause we have a few potential hires to interview.

Oh well. Thanks!

Actually, we’re looking for some beta clients. If you’re interested, we can hook you up with our system. No charges, we just need feedback. Note that over 100 folks have already taken Dgraph quiz via Gru, so it’s not as beta as I’m implying; we run our interview system via that.

I was super excited about the tool. I stopped getting the notification on it.

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