How to add an interface to the schema in Ratel UI

Hi there!

I’m totally new to this, so I apologise in advance if I ask stupid questions.

I have played around with the Dgraph Cloud Application and was very happy about the way I could write the schema there. This made me try out the local Docker image to get a bit deeper into the subject. Unfortunately locally you can only use the Ratel UI which only allows you to write DQL.

It seem like I can only write types - even if I try to bulk edit the schema ist still does not allow me to define an interface for example. How would I do this?


Yep, Ratel is made for DQL only. So you won’t manage any GraphQL feature there. And in DQL there’s no concept of interfaces, it is a GraphQL concept.

Also, the DQL’s Type Schema is totally different from GraphQL.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I see. Just to be clear: there is also no other way I could define a proper GraphQl schema locally?

I’m a bit confused, since the entire reason of using a graph based database is to map a GraphQl schema.

Yes, you can use any GraphQL client. There are thousands of client and tools made just for GraphQL. Things like GraphiQL, GraphQL IDE, GraphQL Editor, Apollo with several options, you can use Insomnia, and so on.

Not exactly. Graph DB and GraphQL are different things that match better together. And happen to have a similar construction in the schema, but they are different in essence.

Ok. Thank you for clearing this up! I will play around a bit and see if I get along with DQL.

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