Ratel edit schema doesnt support enum

While adding enum type to schema it didn’t work
enum Tag{

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Hi Darshan,
You wont be able to use Ratel for Graphql (Ratel is used for DQL, which is quite similar to Graphql, but not the same thing). However, you can use Graphql clients like insomnia, postman, Graphiql etc. for mutations and queries.

In order to post a schema, you can follow step 2 at this link.

is there any way to use enum in ratel usint dql ? as i am defining my schema totaly using ratel

DQL does not support Enums, hence there is no way of defining Enum in Ratel.

Thanks for the explanation to why Ratel doesn’t allow that and based on your suggestion I tried enhancing my schema with enum through postman, but still running into issues.

The error I’m getting does make no sense to me “Missing colon”. As the enum definition is even copied from the dgraph schema documentation.

As content type, I’m using “application/graphql±”.

For now all I try to do is alter my schema day by day, so in case there is better tool for that, where enums work, I would be happy with that as well.

Hi @BurnHard , Welcome to the Dgraph community!
Just to be clear, Enum is not supported in DQL Schema. It doesnt matter which client you use to post the schema, Enums will result in errors.
I assume you are trying to post a GraphQL schema. This postman screenshot (posting a sample schema) might help. Please review.