Issue with queries using ratel - working fine with graphql playground

I have the schema:

type City {
	id: ID!
	name: String! @search(by: [exact])
	lat: Float!
	lng: Float!
	places: [Place] @hasInverse(field: city)
type Place {
	id: ID!
	address: String
	city: City!

I did some queries using graphql playground without any issue:

When I try the same queries using ratel I get errors:

Note: I merge all images to single because the commenting system does not allow me from uploading more than one image:

Which errors?

let me update my question because. The commenting system prevent me from uploading more than one image:

any idea on this?

The GraphQL playground if for GraphQL queries and mutations, the Ratel UI is only for DQL.

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Yeah, now that I see the PrintScreen I can see that you have tried to run GraphQL in Ratel. As Varneleem said above, Ratel supports only DQL.

I could add GraphQL support in Ratel. But I’m not sure if that would confuse users even more…


I 2nd that it would add even more confusion.

Thanks a lot.