How to Configure the Location of Data Storage

How to Configure the Location of Data Storage ? Any tips would be appreciated.

What you mean exactly? Are you using Docker? Kubernetes? Windows? Linux? MacOs?

Give more details about what you doing and your machine specs.


I am setting up Dgraph on an Linux Server, Ubuntu 1604. There’s no specification about data storage configuration or configuration file itself in the documation about Dgraph that I was aware of.

If you are using Dgraph binaries. It will write to the same folder that is using the binaries. If you made a setup via script or other than Docker. There will be a default folder. Dgraph will use the system path where it was installed.

There is no recommendation for non-Docker systems for this exactly. But you can create your own solution. Can raise an NFS server and use it nicely with symlink.

Storage is a hardware-to-system default. In the case of applications we usually speak of “Volumes”. But there is a recommendation as to Storage indeed. If you want to get the most out of Dgraph it is recommended to use SSD’s of the best you have. It is not an explicit recommendation, but it exists.

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