How to connect `dgraph-ratel` to `dgraph server` on private network


I’m running an instance of dgraph-ratel with access to two networks: a private network and a public (Internet facing) network. This means that from my machine, I can browse to the Ratel UI, but can’t connect to the dgraph server. If, however, I ssh into the Ratel instance, I can successfully ping the dgraph server.

I’m running the instance of Ratel with the parameter --addr PRIVATE_NETWORK:8080. However, when I load Ratel UI, the side menu of Ratel UI opens up complaining it can’t connect to http://PRIVATE_ADDRESS:8080.

What’s going on?

(Daniel Mai) #2

Ratel UI runs within the browser, and the browser must be able to connect to Dgraph Server.

It’s not enough to solely have access to Ratel.


Then what’s the point of the --addr parameter? I understand that it doesn’t matter where you load the UI from, as long as you point the UI to the remote server, correct?

(Daniel Mai) #4

The dgraph-ratel --addr flag lets you pre-populate the Server URL field in the Ratel UI.

The Dgraph Server must be accessible from clients, and the Ratel UI is just another client. So it does matter that the web browser that loads the Ratel UI can talk the Dgraph Server.