How to get Ratel in a kubernetes cluster?

Hi, I’m following instructions in for deploying DGraph in a cluster but in the documentation all the time there are mentions to Ratel while there was this PR chore(test): Remove Ratel from tests and example configs. by danielmai · Pull Request #7738 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub that removed Ratel precisely of the Kubernetes receipts.

So my question is, how can I bring back Ratel to my kubernetes cluster?

There is a new image for Ratel separately. And also you can always use

Ok, I guess it is this one: Docker Hub . Any document that explains how to link it to the cluster? I’m not very proficient with neither kubernetes nor Dgraph since I just want a quick receipt for testing a PoC.

Just get the old version of the YAML, where you can find the ratel there, and change the image from Dgraph to Ratel.

If you use Helm, you can run this:

helm repo add dgraph
helm install "dev" dgraph/dgraph --set ratel.enabled=true

More Info:

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Using --set ratel.enabled=true does work, but deploys the older v20.11.3 image. Instead you can use these three arguments to get the latest from the standalone ratel repo:

–set ratel.enabled=true,ratel.image.repository=“dgraph/ratel”,ratel.image.tag=“v21.03.0”

Correct. I thought it was changed over to the new image, I made a PR to change that, and hopefully it’ll get some attention.

With all the values, may be easier to use a config file:

cat <<-EOF > values.yaml
  enabled: true
    repository: dgraph/ratel
    tag: v21.03.0

helm install test dgraph/dgraph --values value.yaml

@MichelDiz @dmai Please merge this PR and push up a new chart version. I an get on a zoom call to walk through the process if needed, as I am not authorized to create tags.

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