How to load the rdf data?


I hope to load the rdf data however it doesn’t work, can someone help me ?

error like this :

also I use dgraphloader , it doesn’t work,

It seems like the file is not present in the directory. You need to download the file or use the correct path.


I download file and new question happens like , what’s problem?

You seem to be running dgraph zero, server and loader in different containers. So you should use appropriate address instead of localhost or run all of them in same container.

Thanks, janardhan
You are right
the 3 in different containers.
But how to run all of them in one? I am fresh in docker

I don’t know how to do it using docker compose. @pawan knows it better.

You can do it manually though. First start zero, then use docker exec -it <containerid> <command> to start dgraph and ratel.
You can get the container id of zero by running docker ps command.

Thanks very much! janardhan
it works after I do as your first way.
I will try to use docker compose later.

Here is the nice place to solve my problem.
thanks again.

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