Error while loading rdfs using dgraphloader

It shows no such file or dir but rdf file is present in current dir

$ docker exec -it dgraph dgraphloader -r file.rdf.gz

Dgraph version   : v0.8.1
Commit SHA-1     : 8ea4b0a5
Commit timestamp : 2017-09-18 10:56:37 +1000
Branch           : HEAD

Processing file.rdf.gz
2017/11/07 06:43:40 open file.rdf.gz: no such file or directory

Is file.rdf.gz present in the current directory on your host machine, or in the docker container? I suspect it may only exist on your local machine. Since dgraphloader is running inside docker, it will look inside the container for the file.

You could solve the problem by mounting a volume. E.g. if file.rdf.gz is in directory ~/myrdfs then you would use:

-v ~/myrdfs:/dgraph

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