How we set up version control of our schema on Slash


  1. Configure Husky work with lint-staged and share your githooks in your repository

  2. Set up lint-staged to watch for changes to schema.graphql file

  3. use the slash-graphql-cli to push your schema to Slash with pre-push verification to prevent any bad schema pushes.

Detailed configuration:

  • Husky configuration in package.json
"husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-commit": "node ./.githooks/preCommit.js",
      "pre-push": "prepush-if-changed"
  "prepush-if-changed": {
    "src/schema.graphql": "node ./.githooks/updateSlash.js"
  • Pre-commit hook /.githooks/preCommit.js

const lintStaged = require('lint-staged')

const runHooks = async () => {
  try {
    const success = await lintStaged({
      allowEmpty: false,
      concurrent: true,
      config: {
        'schema.graphql': [
// include whatever command line functions you want to run here, in the order you want them to run, in this array
// This example makes 2 files and then adds them to the git commit
          'node ./src/contexts/Fragments/makePrettySchema.js', 
          'node ./src/contexts/Fragments/generateFragments.js',
          'git add ./src/ ./src/contexts/Fragments/codeGenFragments.js',
      cwd: process.cwd(),
      debug: false,
      maxArgLength: null,
      quiet: false,
      relative: false,
      shell: false,
      stash: true,
      verbose: false
    console.log(success ? 'Linting was successful!' : 'Linting failed!')
    if (!success) return process.exit(22)
  } catch (e) {
    // Failed to load configuration
    throw 2
  • Push schema changes to Slash. ./.githooks/updateSlash.js:
const { exec } = require("child_process");

exec("slash-graphql update-schema -e https://YOUR_ENDPOINT -t YOUR_API_KEY_HERE ./src/schema.graphql", (error, stdout, stderr) => {
    if (error) {
        console.log(`error: ${error.message}`);
        // return;
        throw 1
    if (stderr) {
        console.log(`stderr: ${stderr}`);
        // return;
        throw 1
    console.log(`stdout: ${stdout}`);

That’s it! Now you have version controlled schema and can rest easier.

P.s. the generateFragments.js script that is part of our pre-commit hook is explained here.

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