I can't export my data

I can’t export my data.
Ubuntu 18.04 ip
My commands step by step

dgraph zero
dgraph alpha --lru_mb 2048
curl localhost:8080/admin/export

Video step by step

reposting it here

Maybe this is the issue. I think in that version this export endpoint was removed (It will be deprecated, but in the future, in the latest version it is back). You need to use the GraphQL Admin endpoint tho.

Use cURL or some GraphQL UI (e.g. Insomnia REST Client) and run this mutation.

mutation {
		export(input: {format: "rdf"}) {
			response {
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It works for dgraph version : v2.0.0-rc1
My ip addr is
Target computer ip is

dgraph zero
dgraph alpha --lru_mb 2048 --whitelist localhost,

You can do curl from or localhost (http://localhost:8080/admin)

curl -Ss -H “Content-Type: application/json” -XPOST -d ‘{ “query”: “mutation { export(input: {format: “rdf”}) { response { code message } }}” }’

It’s response:
{“data”:{“export”:{“response”:{“code”:“Success”,“message”:“Export completed.”}}}}

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