Immutable Cloud/Slash/GraphQL IDs... mutated? That doesn't sound right

Has there been major changes to Cloud/Slash/GraphQL within the past month?

Examples: auto-generated IDs such as those for user IDs and object/node IDs that used to be lower digits such as 0x12 or 0xfffe no longer have those IDs and are now 18 digit IDs such as 0xfffe8d687a65e400.

And perhaps related to the change in IDs: nodes/objects relationships created via inverse logic no longer function as they did. Some nodes are now missing relationships completely.

Or maybe Ive done something on my end? Though I hadn’t changed anything on my end: It was working as described previously, I hadn’t changed anything, came back to the project and see these breaking changes to the data.


Also: I’m using vanilla Dgraph ID! and not @id directive. Example:

type User  {
  id: ID!
  username: String! @search(by:[hash]) @id
  name: String @search(by:[exact])

type SomeObject  {
  id: ID!
  name: String @search(by:[fulltext])
  otherObject: OtherObject! @hasInverse(field:isomeObject)

type OtherObject {
  id: ID!
  name: String! @search(by:[fulltext])
  someObject: [ISomeObject] @hasInverse(field: otherObject)

Maybe you were migrated to a shared instance with multiple tenants and that’s why the UIDs get bigger. But not sure, can be you too without noticing.

Has this broken anything on your end? If no, don’t worry it is okay.

Hi MichelDiz, thanks and sorry for the late reply.

If it was due to a migration, I would have expected some notification from Dgraph and/or a clear answer from the Drgaph team to this thread: “You’ve been migrated. Migrations will break your IDs and your apps.”

Yeah, it broke my app - but fixable. Wondering if these kinds of unexpected changes are things I should expect in the future? Thanks.