Importing wikidata's RDF dumps to Dgraph

I want to import wikidata’s rdf dump’s to my Dgraph database these RDF’s are in Turtle and NTriples format is it possible to import these via Bulk Loader ?
And this loader also require schema file which i dont have for wikidata dumps. Why it cant automatically create the scheme from those dumps?

Dgraph has it’s own RDF standard. It’s pretty hard to cover all W3C specs. So the recomended is convert your regular RDF to JSON or do some sanitize in the RDF. Thus making it compatible with Dgraph.

Typical data format is RDF NQuad which is:

  • Subject, Predicate, Object, Label , aka
  • Entity, Attribute, Other Entity / Value, Label

In fact, you can insert any schema. Dgraph will certainly set your Schema to generics as “Default”. It’s okay to submit a simple Schema. However, in the future (version 1.1) you will need to define Types. And this is impossible to do automatically.

We reinforce that you must have a schema for adverse reasons. Through a well-crafted schema you will have faster results (Not in Bulk, but when you’re up and running). Because each new definition in Schema you creates an operation which may require resources from your cluster as a whole, this is way better doing during a Bulkload.

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