Integration of Dgraph

(Aman) #1

Hi All,

I used pydgraph client to fetch the result.json based upon my query. Now, its time to plot the graph in my web application.
I am looking for a similar graph structure which is there in the Dgraph-Ratal in d3.js but wasn’t able to find one.

If anyone has done dgraph ouput json integration with there UI, please help.


Appreciate your time.

(Zak) #2

You can try It has a few nice options for visualizing graphs.


(Aman) #3

Thanks @zakmandhro, I have gone through the link but I couln’t able to find the functionality which is there in the Dgraph-Ratel UI.
Like showing other relations on double click.


(Aman) #4

@zakmandhro. What about the expansion when we click on the node, is this feature available?