Introducing Dgraph Community Docs - WIP

These community docs are Work In Progress. I wanted to let the community know about them so that the community could help add relevant content.

Where to begin?

The repo can be found at:

This is build with Docusaurus and is deployed on Netlify.

There is really only one page of content that is somewhat done. What is Dgraph GraphQL? | Dgraph Community Docs but there are other pages with titles and a few headers for future content placeholders as I am envisioning the layout.

Feel free to create PRs and Issues on the github repo. If you want to be a maintainer of the repo, let me know and we can work that out too.


thank you very much for these amazing docs!!! very very useful for dgraph starters/beginners

@dgraphadmins it would be very cool if you could add a link to these docs to the official docs so that others will find them

Very incomplete at the moment though