Website/Documentation Repo?

If I find errors or ways to help improve the docs, such as on, is there a repo where I can help with suggested pull requests?

Any suggestions or improvements in docs are welcome.
Usually users discuss them on discuss and then we make the changes.
I will confirm this internally and get back to you , if we can set a way to contribute.

We already have repo for docs.
For graphql docs you can raise PR at
For Dgraph docs on main dgraph repo itself
Feel free to contribute to any docs.



I commented on a Topic in the Documentation Category here on Discuss and it also appears as a comment in the Docs. That is nice! Just wondering if the docs are now linked directly to the Documentation Topic? Does updating the topic update the Doc? Thought about doing a quick doc PR but there might not be a need for that anymore. Can you verify if Docs are still Git Controlled or Discuss Controlled.

Hi @amaster507, posts in the documentation category are automatically created from documentation pages.
Comments on discussion posts are directly linked and visible in the corresponding topics in docs. But to edit the post you still need to open PR on Git.