Kubernetes Dgraph HA cluster backup

Hello, i am using dgraph ha cluster on my kubernetes cluster.Now i must migrate my cluster to another cloud provider.And i need my dgraph data migrate to new cluster.I tried take backup with dgraph ui but i had a problem.

Please help me

Hey @nihadbakirli,Welcome to the community!
Backup is an admin operation and if you are doing it from any machine other than on which your alpha runs, you should whitelist the IP of machine. You can see https://dgraph.io/docs/enterprise-features/#create-a-backup for more details. Feel free to raise any followup.

Thank u for response.But after this post i read about export import, and i try that.But again i am a error.My data imported with success on import output logs but it is not working.I cant see my data


Could you please specify the steps that you are taking for importing and exporting?