License - Enterprise features

Dgraph enterprise features are proprietary licensed under the Dgraph Community License. All Dgraph releases contain proprietary code for enterprise features. Enabling these features requires an enterprise contract from [email protected] or the discuss forum.

Dgraph enterprise features are enabled by default for 30 days in a new cluster. After the trial period of thirty (30) days, the cluster must obtain a license from Dgraph to continue using the enterprise features released in the proprietary code.

Note At the conclusion of your 30-day trial period if a license has not been applied to the cluster, access to the enterprise features will be suspended. The cluster will continue to operate without enterprise features.

When you have an enterprise license key, the license can be applied to the cluster by including it as the body of a POST request and calling /enterpriseLicense HTTP endpoint on any Zero server.

curl -X POST localhost:6080/enterpriseLicense --upload-file ./licensekey.txt

It can also be applied by passing the path to the enterprise license file (using the flag --enterprise_license) to the dgraph zero command used to start the server. The second option is useful when the process needs to be automated.

dgraph zero --enterprise_license ./licensekey.txt

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