Turn off enterprise features

want to try dgraph, followed steps from documentation(docker) but it forced me trial enterprise license. Don’t see flag in dgraph zero to run it without enterprise features. What is the way to avoid this?
Firstly i want to try normal version then enterprise to compare in my use case.

I0203 08:55:43.046572      14 license_ee.go:46] Enterprise trial license proposed to the cluster

Hey @rkozlo,

The enterprise features are listed here: https://dgraph.io/docs/enterprise-features.

Other than perhaps learner nodes, there are no performance-related differences between the OSS and Enterprise versions if that’s the concern.

@matthewmcneely thanks for reply. I am not concern about any performance issues just wanted to do full test including maintenance. Create cluster for test purpose and give for tests to other teams. Wanted to avoid such things like “it is enterprise version, so don’t use this and this”. Appreciate such easy way to test enterprise but was hoping there is some flag to not enable it at all

You can add the --enterprise_license /<pathto>/licensekey.txt to the dgraph zero command. If licensekey.txt is invalid (say just an empty file), then enterprise features will be disabled.

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Thank’s. That was what i looked for