How to disable enterprise features completely?

The documentation states: " Dgraph enterprise features are enabled by default for 30 days in a new cluster"

How can you disable all enterprise features to ensure you are not accidentally using any and that the system works as I expect in this mode?

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You can build the code in the main repo with make oss which makes basically sets the go build flags accordingly to not build any features that are enterprise only into the resulting binary. To my knowledge, this is not available as a pre-built artifact anywhere.


Ok good to know. Preferably I’d like to use a prebuilt artifact but I’ll take it into consideration.

Regarding the enterprise mode/features, does anyone know what happens after the 30 days have passed?

Accessing http://:8080/health shows:


Is it safe to assume these will just quietly disappear after 30 days and service will continue as normal for everything non-enterprise?

According to my experience DGraph just works normally without enterprise features after using it for 30 days.
Disclaimer: I am not using a distributed cluster or anything fancy. Just a simple installation on a single machine with one zero and one alpha.

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Yea it just gives you an error if it’s past 30 days and you don’t have a license when you call the backup endpoint for example.