Mike Hawkes - Curve Jumping - Dgraph to the front

Curve Jumping - Dgraph to the front

The recent pandemic has forced a change towards cloud computing and remote working. Customer experiences have changed as have the operational systems and procedures. In order to support these new models, data integrators have to find the best way to move, link and socialise data.

Conventional data stores don’t work well in these environments. However, graph databases provide mechanisms to link and resolve data queries in a much more flexible and cost-effective way.

Mike explains how Capventis uses Dgraph to help with integration - and how Dgraph has reduced development and data management costs.

About Mike

As a very ‘hands-on’ CTO, you often find Mike up to his neck in code, or leading research and development in addition to his board-room duties. He enjoys developing and using new technologies to help businesses get value from data. Within Capventis, Mike contributes to strategic direction providing services, technical design and solution delivery.

He holds several international patents on high performance and scalable systems for securing networks - and protecting online consumers. This work led to the development of international regulatory frameworks for protecting consumers online.

Mike is an Honorary Fellow of the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University. He was also the Chairman of the Mobile Data Association; helping to define international frameworks for mobile data services, including: resilience, control and security.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys writing, music production and photography.

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