Dgraph Summer Update

Hello Dgraph Community,

We are excited to announce a number of updates at Dgraph.

Financing Round

We recently closed new financing led by world-class investors Venrock and Uncorrelated, with top leaders in the field joining the round including DJ Patil (former US Chief Data Scientist), Michael Callahan ( founder of Awake Security), Ry Walker (founder of Astronomer), Ganesh Srinivasan (Chief Product Officer at Confluent), Chris Riccomini, Matt Plotke (CEO at SendOwl), Kevin Van Gundy (CRO at Vercel), and JP Patil (Head of Data at Included Health).

We will be expanding the Dgraph open core engineering, dev-rel, and customer success teams in the coming months. Please send us a resume if you or anyone you know is interested in joining Dgraph to [email protected].

New CTO Joined

We are thrilled to announce that Gajanan Chinchwadkar, Ph.D, an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in distributed database systems, multi-modal query engines and query optimization, has joined as Chief Technology Officer. Gajanan brings invaluable technical leadership from his previous roles at AWS, Marklogic and Sybase.

Introducing the Dgraph Project Steering Committee

We are excited to announce that we will be forming the Dgraph Project Steering Committee (PSC), a cross-functional group of Dgraph project community members, commercial customers, and Dgraph’s open core engineering team. This collective group represents the broader Dgraph community and will provide steering, guidance, and feedback on project activity, upcoming releases, roadmap, community health, and project governance.

The community is at the heart of the Dgraph project and we are excited to create this new working model and forum to drive the project forward. Please reach out to [email protected] to nominate yourself or anyone you think would be suitable.

Summer Release 22.09 Coming

We are working on 22.09, our summer release. The focus of this release is to exercise our engineering and release processes that have been dormant for the last few months.

Dgraph version 22.09 will be based on 21.03.2. Our trunk will be called main and the release branch will be release/22.09. We will continue to keep the 22.12 and master branches in our repository intact for the community to continue to use. However, we would encourage you to reach out and help us put features on our roadmap so that we can help you migrate to our main branch.

Going forward the future releases will be focused on foundational improvements to the core Dgraph engine, with an emphasis on improvements to reliability, availability, operability, stability, and performance. Prioritizing this will be one of the main tasks for the Project Steering Committee.

Introducing Dgraph Enterprise

For Enterprises looking for a self-hosted deployment of Dgraph, with access control, audit logging, change data capture, encryption at rest, learner nodes, and more, you can deploy the Dgraph Enterprise binary today. Dgraph Enterprise features are enabled by default for 30 days in a new cluster. After the trial period of thirty (30) days, you can obtain a license to continue using the enterprise features. Reach out to [email protected] to chat with us.

Want to join the Dgraph community?

Join the Dgraph community discuss forum here for technical support, community discussions, project announcements, and upcoming release information.


Hi @akon, this is great to hear! A quick heads up that the [email protected] may not be registered yet, I tried to email but delivery failed.


Hi @RJKeevil
Could you try sending the email again? We tested the email address and it’s working. Let us know if it’s still not getting delivered.



Thanks, seems to have delivered ok this time!

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Thanks Akon for the updates. The committee is a great idea.

I officially have hope in this product, and have become a paying customer again to support the product.

I encourage anyone who is not a paying customer to support Dgraph and get a paying cluster.

Anything I can do to help, let me know.

@akon @gajanan @gajanansc

I will tell you guys that not everything in 21.12 was broken. I know there were some user contributed changes in graphql (particularly the @default directive) that would be nice to carry over:

There are others as well that were graphql related, not core code, that should be easy to pull over.

Looking forward to the future of this product,



Thanks @jdgamble555.

We are on the same page – we should carefully pull the important features/fixes from 21.12 to 22.xx and early 23.xx releases. Let us discuss the details once we have the PSC going.

In the meanwhile, let us meet briefly next week to get to know each other. I will send you a meeting invitation.




Are there any fixes or improvements in 22.09, or it just a straight copy of 21.03?


Based on our usage, these are absolutely essential to include from 21.12:

  • [BREAKING] feat: bring dgraph-lambda to dgraph, alpha launches lambda server (#7973)
  • Feat(GRAPHQL): adds @default directive for setting default field values at create and update (#8017)
  • Feat(GRAPHQL): Disallow DQL schema changes for predicates used in GraphQL schema (DGRAPH-3245) (#7742)
  • Feat(GRAPHQL): Add language tag support in GraphQL (#7663)
  • Feat(GRAPHQL): Webhooks on add/update/delete mutations (GRAPHQL-1045) (#7494)
  • Feat(GRAPHQL): Add support for passing OAuth Bearer token as authorization JWT (#7490)
  • Feat(lambda): allow access to access jwt in lambda (#8023)
  • Feat(lambda): store lambda scripts within the dgraph (#7955)
  • Feat(Backup): Add native google cloud storage backup support (#7829)
  • Feat(Apollo): Add support for @provides and @requires directive. (#7503)

I’d ask that splitting predicates into multiple groups be reviewed again for inclusion.

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