Naming for Dgraph releases

Hey @core-devs,

When referring to releases, we have to say a lot of words. Twenty-dot-zero-seven-dot-zero. Other projects like Ubuntu and Android use names to refer to releases, while still keeping the versioning scheme. It would be great to have a simpler name to refer to the release.

I’m thinking animals. The combo might be an adjective-noun. Like grumpy-gorilla, or crazy-kangaroo. Extra points for two words starting with the same phonetic letters. A shorthand to refer to the releases can further drop the adjective (gorilla release or kangaroo release). To refer to patches, it could be gorilla-one, gorilla-two, kangaroo-zero, etc.

Or, national parks like Yosemite summer for 20.07, or Yellowstone fall for 20.11. Or, mountains, etc. (seems a bit boring compared to grumpy gorilla).

What do you guys think? Ideas?

I like the idea, easy to follow. National parks are already taken by Apple heheheh

Why not Stars names? We use NASA’s references in blog posts, so it fits xD

Orion Release
Andromeda Release
Canis Major Release
Sirius Release
Altair Release
Proxima Centauri Release


I support the animal names for the versioning. Dgraph has the history of using animals for naming, like Badger and our beloved Diggy. Also, it’s easy to create graphics that are corresponding to different animals. We might even have some good swag ideas come out of this. I will also think about some ideas and see if we get more ideas from the team. This is FUN! :blush:


I really like the star names that @MichelDiz put forward but I’m also liking the animals given you all have some established themes around animals as @zhenni mentions. What about using some “proper” animal naming? Something like the binomial nomenclature from the official taxonomic naming - the Latin makes it sound more “formal” which is what I like about the star names. For example, taxidea taxus (American badger) or geomys arenarius (desert pocket gopher).

I am not a core-dev, but I like the idea. If you read the blogs, you find a lot of space themed pictures as that seems to be the direction of graphql in general with Apollo. I like the stars idea. But as many of those become more difficult to pronounce I see the problem being “Umm… version… we 'll just say the number instead of the name” which defeats the purpose of being easier to say. However I think if we expand this to:

There are plenty of more names that become available to use.

Why use astronomical naming? Because “This is the way” Okay that was a Mandalorian reference, but really it is the graph way. IE Apollo, Neptune, Neo4j (space themed site), Orientdb (super nova background theme), InfiniteGraph.

There is also some animal graphs as well like TigerGraph, but the consensus for graph dbs seem to be space themed.

Animal names are fun.

Imagine releasing all the animals captured by the dev team!
Some you won’t want to release, others you can’t wait to get rid of. :sweat_smile:

Madagascar has some unique animals to choose from, then there’s species, countless dog breeds.

Fantasy writers have created a ton of new ones and then who can forget dinosaurs, I mean who wouldn’t want to release some Velociraptors into the wild??

Here are some names of the top of my head:

Lemur, Pygmy Puffs, Armored Armadillo, Perky Porcupine, Honey Badger, Nutty Chipmunks, Munchkin, Jackdaw, Hobgoblins, T-Rex, Perry the Platypus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, …

gollum thinking


Your giphy here is inspiring. It could even be fictional characters or places, if they can be as fun as animal names.

Greedy Gollum, Wintery Winterfell, etc.

I use that approach as well. (Names from One Piece anime are great.)

Although location names are great for naming servers or infrastructure, because dev team will be releasing animals(project) into some location(infra).

E.g. Releasing Gullible Gollum to Wild West.

Also, all that face exercise reminded me of a childhood show called Ben10.

They have basically done all the head wrangling for the Dgraph team!

Articguana, Fourarms, Stinkfly, Diamondhead, Malware😅…

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