New funding announcement

Hello Dgraph Community,

I am delighted to share that Dgraph has raised a new round of capital from a world class group of investors. I wanted to let you all know first.

The community is the most important part of Dgraph and we can’t wait to get back to building and supporting the Dgraph project together.

There are a number of exciting updates in the works:

  1. We are rebuilding and growing the engineering team. If interested, please reach out to us!

  2. Our CTO recently accepted and will be joining shortly, we are thrilled to have him and announce the details soon.

  3. A number of improvements have been in the pipeline focused on reliability, availability, and operability, both for the open project and cloud services. We will also be addressing the concerns from 21.12 and expect to push a new release this summer. As well as improving the GraphQL implementation, pushing the boundaries and innovating here while still adhering to the standards.

  4. The community is core to us. We are committed to earning back the moral authority to be the stewards of Dgraph. That means ensuring that contribution, community involvement, and feedback are part of the Dgraph fabric. We will be building up a community advisory board (like a pseudo PMC), hiring a devrel team, publish a longer term roadmap with clarity between the community and enterprise versions, and actively work with our community on pushing the project forward. We are making a commitment to ensuring the open core continues to be supported and funded for the long term.

While we have a lot more we want to do, this is just the start.

We are grateful to the Dgraph user community and customers for your continued support as we start this exciting new chapter. Please share any feedback or thoughts with us, we’re all in the boat together. An official update will be coming out soon!


Good stuff Akon, I’m looking forward to seeing what dgraph has in store for us next.


Hi Akon.

Around the time of your commencement with the company. I was saying in the discord chat that it would be 90 days, we should be hearing something. I was starting to get worried. This new announcement gives me the confidence in your leadership and everything you have wrote here is a great leap forward!

The community advisory board is a great idea. Hopefully the other discord members won’t mind. But you should definitely include the following:

amaster507 jdgamble555, Schartey, Saityro and maaft.

They have shown time and time again, that they are very knowledgable when it comes to graph theory, graphql and what features are required for a successful graph database. I highly advise inviting them to participate.

Looking forward to the next update!



Hi @akon

Thank you and the Dgraph Team very much. This gives me new hope!

I tried several competitors over the last months. Some of them are full-feature blown but very time-consuming to setup (like hasura for example). Some are very fast and nicely with their schema definition, but lack features all around (EdgeDB). Some were both lacking schema-iteration and features.

But none of them came close to the ease of use and fast time to get started like with dgraph.

This of course does not mean that there are still very important features missing for dgraph - both on a DB and GraphQL level.

I’ll be happy to advise going forward.

Best regards and all the best


Congrats @akon and team, an exciting new chapter for Dgraph.


Congratulations!!! This is amazing news and I am very happy to hear that! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: Dgraph will thrive around the world and replace all other DBs! :fire: Thank you very much!!! :raised_hands::rocket:


Congrats @akon @fulsmita and the team!


Thank GAWD

I swear I have not been able to find another database solution that makes sense to me and my thinking. If dlabs folds I might have to maintain this thing myself, I can’t working with another database anymore.


I’m looking forward to the CTO details and a new roadmap! Very exciting news!

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Great news, looking forward to hearing the details, in particular regarding funding round and roadmap.

Also keen to be included in the community advisory board if you want me.

Custodian and Art Technologies both use Dgraph as their primary DB across their products.

Congrats Akon!
Eager to make Blitz nocode the non-dev access door to dgraph :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,

The official press release is out: Popular Open Source GraphQL Company Dgraph Secures $6M in Seed Round with New Leadership

Thank you all for your patience and we are looking forward to building a great product.



Good news :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! YOU SAVED THIS AMAZING TECHNOLOGY, REALLY THANKS!!! Dgraph will overtake the world! :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

@akon whom and how to reach about growing engineering team?