@normalize limit - override?

I’m using @normalize to flatten a large data set - and suddenly found it has a hard limit of 10,000 records. Can I ask why there’s such a limit - can I remove the limit entirely? It seems crazy that I can return a nested dataset of unlimited size and flatten in my own code, whereas I can’t use the function built in to Dgraph that appears to exist for exactly this purpose.

In general you can set in the root query a param “first: 10000000” so you can overcome some limits. But in the case of normalize, the Alpha has a flag for it.


dgraph alpha --help | grep normalize
 normalize_node_limit uint   Limit for the maximum number of nodes that can 
be returned in a query that uses the normalize directive. (default 10000)

So you need to set the Alpha flag to
--normalize_node_limit 10000000


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