Old documentation might appear first on google

I did some digging and when googling ‘dgraph backup’ the first link i get is the old documentation.
I also noticed that the sitemap for dgraph.io is empty and the one in docs.dgraph.io is missing urls and the priority tags. i think that’s the reason old documentation that did get backlinks from github issues might appear first.

This thread is to ask for permission from anyone at dgraph to crawl the websites to generate sitemaps (i will make sure to put the priority on the new content).

I also noticed that links in github comments that point to inside github are not no follow. it seems like with each link to old issues the weight of all links to old documentation is increased a bit.

edit : I’ve been getting weird error messages for 2 days because i kept using google :joy:


Thanks for letting us know about getting old doc links from Google search. This should be something we can address on our end. We already put a notice at the top of old docs with a link to the latest version.

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