Timeline for hosted service


Any update on a timeline for a hosted service?

I am a huge fan of DGraph and have really been enjoying using it. It’s just that the amount of time I see myself allocating to learn to and then manage a production deployment is killing my productivity. It’s distracting too much from working on the problem I am trying to solve, and I am just one person.

So currently I feel chose the wrong DB for my app at this point in time. I am sure if I built another app next year and you had a service, or if I had my own team of Kubernetes ops ninjas, this will be my go-to choice.

Anyway, I need to make a choice to either stick with DGraph and wait for a paid service, (the app is not ready yet so I could wait a bit), or look at some other DB. Any type of guidance you could give would be appreciated.


You can read more about my production struggles here.

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We’re going to work on the hosted service next year. This year is focused on stabilizing the distributed system, and building some of these much asked for features.

I’d recommend just running the simplest possible Dgraph setup, i.e. one zero server, and one alpha server (Dgraph server). That wouldn’t be too hard to run and maintain yourself. K8s, HA, etc. are all nice to have, but there’s a certain stage a project must reach IMO – and that’s when your users are actually shouting at you because of a downtime. My 2 cents!

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Thank you, this helps.

Yes! Thats a very good point. I will explore this in greater detail soon, and I will report back.

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