Possible timeline of implementing ACL's in Dgraph

Hi Dgraph team,

Picking back up off Adding security to dgraph as well as your roadmap at https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/1, just wondering when/if you will be releasing an “implementation priority” categorization of your v1.0 / proprietary plugins? Some time probably around Q2 of next year, we will need to hold ~hundreds of users’ private data within a given dgraph instance and want to add as much redundancy as possible to make sure that this data is always private even in the event of some application-layer bug. Wanted to start thinking about this now and find out how this might fit within your premium feature rollout schedule.


We’re aiming early Q1 for v1.0 release, so I think Q2 would be a reasonable estimate. We need to define the requirements for ACL, so if you can explain how you want to use ACLs, that’d be a great help for our design.

Thanks @mrjn. Will do some thinking / research and reply back.

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