Will dgraph keep all its features open source?

I’ve seen some open source projects split into community and enterprise versions. The enterprise version will keep some closed source features inside when community version don’t have. Will dgraph turn some features or entire project to be closed source? Or keep all open source?

Hey @hujunfei

We do plan to have an enterprise version which would have some advanced features like ACLs, cluster management, multi-tenancy, auto-scaling on Amazon, Google, etc. That’s targetted mostly towards big companies and would only happen after v1.0. We plan to keep the enterprise version free for small companies and startups. So give it a try :slight_smile:

You can read more here Product Roadmap · Issue #1 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub.

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Hi @pawan, is there a writeup anywhere on what dgraph plans for acls specifically? I am working on a pilot project using dgraph within my company, and we are very excited about it… That said when the product grows we will need to restrict portions of the graph to a subset of users. Interested to know what this may look like technically.

Hi @tamethecomplex

We don’t have a design about the ACL currently since work hasn’t started on it. Feel free to add comments about what would work for you and we will try to incorporate that.

Thanks @pawan. Will comment back later on when we better define our requirements. We are going to have to work out what security we want to implement in our own client vs security within dgraph itself.

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