Production like tools to manage and deploy code to Slash and Lambdas on slash

Hi there,
I know, i know, a question about a newly released feature…
But i’m getting started out, so I have some concerns on how to use it without the slash UI, but in a more programmatic ‘infrastructure-as-code’ kind of way.

How would i go about developing locally, and pushing out code (and expecially Lambdas!) to get deployed on slash? I can’t seem to find anything while glancing over the docs.

Could you please share your production like setups and tooling? Something like terraform or similar tech…?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate your great work on getting 20.11 out on Slash, and on getting Lambda supported! This is a fantastic step forward, and unlocks great possibilities!


We really need to work on making this more visible, but we actually have command line tools which can do most of the things you can do via the user interface.

That’s really cool!
Thanks for sharing that!

@gja: All of the “see code” links like are broken for me. i get a 404 on them

Hello David, The links have been fixed now. Please try the latest version 1.16.4. Thank you for your time.

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