Ratel has visual issues on 1.0.6 release - Some features added in last commits are missing

Moved from GitHub ratel/8

Posted by MichelDiz:

  • Sidebar menu has icons missing
  • Drop all btn is missing
  • Some bootstrap changes are missing
  • Ordering (sorting) arrows are missing

Check if the process is using NPM, this project has a NPM lock that Yarn can’t deal out.

PrintScreen from Chrome - Tested on Edge, Firefox and Opera too.


Ratel has been downgraded I believe

I saw a comment from Manish speaking that he remade some things by modifying the binaries of Dgraph 1.0.6. So I decided to test again. Resolved several things, only features are missing and only a few imperceptible icons are missing.

paulftw commented :

fontawesome issues have been fixed now