Something wrong is happening with Ratel's build

Moved from GitHub ratel/20

Posted by MichelDiz:

Packaged is not loading.

http://localhost:8000/?cachedjs is blank

When the user runs out of the internet, he does not have access to the Ratel “cache” inserted in the Dgraph-ratel binary.

We seem to have difficulties loading latest client.
Try using the packaged version instead.

Check this issue dgraph-ratel · Issue #2562 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

paulftw commented :

Will be fixed in the next release.
Closing for now. Please let me know if the problem persists in 1.0.9
Linked issue is also already closed.

MichelDiz commented :

It still happening on 1.0.9.

paulftw commented :

Will fix as part of CDN refactoring