Ratel Issue in v2.2011.1

Attached are the results of my running with version 20.11 :

23875 tianfu.+  20   0   10.4g   1.9g 936600 S 408.6  1.5  29:31.85 dgraph  
23875 tianfu.+  20   0   10.9g   2.1g   1.3g R 342.2  1.7  39:04.57 dgraph
23875 tianfu.+  20   0   11.8g   2.5g   1.9g S   5.6  2.0  54:02.03 dgraph
uids {
  key: "uid(user441)"
  value: "0x9895be"
uids {
  key: "uid(user735)"
  value: "0x98950b"

end: start:9999000, end:10000000

Indeed, after the update to version 20.11, using the original test sample, memory usage is smooth, no longer appear oom, but I now faces another problem, our production env has been using v20.07.2, we found that the two versions of the data storage structure is supposed to be incompatible, because I tested v20.07.2 generated w, p not delete folders, such as using version 20.11 startup error, provide data migration tools already?Do I have to query the old version of the data and re-import it?

Hi @llooper-dev, Great to know that 20.11 is performing well!
For upgrade, yes, you would need to export and then bulk load into a new v20.11 cluster. The upgrade procedure is described here.

It seems that data migration is a little difficult. Thank you!The DGraph team is efficient, aggressive, great, and ratel UI, when is 20.11 supported?

The Ratel executable is part of the release.

Upgrade to 20.11, UI query error


You could try play.dgraph.io and connect. Can you please share a screenshot of the connection like the one below?

Can you pls provide the version of Ratel you are using?

Try latest instead of ?dev
=> Dgraph Ratel Dashboard

Hi @llooper-dev,
Could you pls provide the alpha health status? http:// alpha-ip :8080/health

[{“instance”:“alpha”,“address”:“”,“status”:“healthy”,“group”:“1”,“uptime”:412176,“lastEcho”:1608689608,“ongoing”:[“opRollup”],“ee_features”:[“backup_restore”],“max_assigned”:30295}][tianfu.pang@nj-p2-192-168-1-27 dgraphold]$

Hi @llooper-dev
Some more questions that would help us:
How are you running Dgraph? Is it bare metal executable or via docker.
How many zeros and alphas are in the cluster?
Please provide output from

I believe the issue isn’t Dgraph per se. It is in Ratel. See this image.

It tells me he is using Dev, which can have bugs. But also it tells me he is using SSL/TLS. This can cause CORS issues. Unless he is using TLS on Dgraph, he shouldn’t be using HTTPS.

@llooper-dev please, open the Browser console and share the logs there.

When Ratel says “Unsupported Content-type”. It also tells me that he might be using a Master build. Which has issues to run Ratel.

My suspect is that is Master build cuz there’s no version key e.g. "version":"v20.11.0" and this is a bug that should be solved by now (there is a ticket about it).


@llooper-dev do you still have this issue?

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