Dgraph Standalone v1.2.7-rc1 upgrade to v20.03.5

I currently have v1.2.7-rc1 installed on my linux. I want to upgrade my dgraph server to a stable version v20.03.5 . I want to migrate the data to the new setup.

Kindly help me with some suggestions here .

Why i am upgrading ?
1- Ratel UI doesnt open on browser and shows a blank screen.
2- Upon restart , i lose all my data as somehow the data and log directories are deleted .

I am hoping these two major issues will be resolved with the upgrade.

I resolved the issue with help of one of my linux expert friend . Apparently I am not good at setting permission on virtual directory . Setting the right permissions solved the restart data loss issue .
But ratel problem is still there .

In case you are using the docker images, Ratel has been separated into its own image.

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If you wanna keep in a old version, you should use an old image from Ratel too. So things gets in sync. Also, you should use the local bundle instead of CDN’s.

There are some paths in Linux that are deleted on every reboot(Not just TMP). You should pick the user paths or something.

But if you are in an old version all things should work if you use the local bundler.