Release Notes v20.11.0 - Tenacious T'Challa

Hey Folks,

Dgraph Release 20.11 ( Tenacious T’Challa ) is available. As part of the 20.11.0 release we have introduced many major improvements and exciting new features. Following sections provides information about what has been implemented as part of the release.

Impacted Components

  1. Dgraph
  2. Badger
  3. Ristretto

New Features


  1. Batch upserts in Live Loader
  2. “Between” function support
  3. Geo location feature in GraphQL
  4. Union type support
  5. Parameterized cascade
  6. Lambda resolvers (JavaScript)
  7. Aggregation functions in GraphQL ( min, max, sum, avg, count )
  8. Authentication using JWK URLs
  9. Authorization rule for interfaces
  10. “Has” function in GraphQL
  11. Int64 as custom type
  12. Schema versioning
  13. Persisted queries
  14. RDF response for queries ( base for streaming queries )
  15. TLS security implementation


  1. Exposed NumAlloc metrics via expvar
  2. Added command to stream contents of DB into another DB
  3. DB options in Badger are available
  4. Added db.MaxVersion API
  5. Added --enc-key flag in badger info tool
  6. Added IndexSz field to TableInfo, to show it through badger info tool

Improvements and Fixes


  1. Support for DQL queries and hardcoded scalars for custom queries


  1. Manual memory management using jemalloc
  2. WAL handling improvement ( MemTable with own WAL )
  3. Value log garbage collection

Discontinued Features


  1. Move keys
  2. Log warning if blockcache

Known Bugs and Issues


  1. backup operation slow in MacOS with jemalloc disabled
  2. user_ids not accessible after backup and restore with different ACL settings

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