Slash Endpoint Connection Issues with Live Loader


I can’t seem to import data with the live loader to my Slash endpoint. I’m able to make client operations to the endpoint using PyDgraph (which are super slow but that is another issue), however when I try to follow the instructions for using the live loader I can’t seem to connect.

Running transaction with dgraph endpoint: <endpoint>
While trying to setup connection: context deadline exceeded. Retrying...
2020/12/26 15:51:28 Could not setup connection after 1 retries

That endpoint already has a schema I was able to create using PyDgraph and I am using an rdf file that I was able to successfully import on my local dgraph/dgraph:v20.07-slash container but when I try:

sudo docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/<file>.rdf.gz:/tmp/<file>.rdf.gz dgraph/dgraph:v20.07-slash dgraph live --slash_grpc_endpoint=<endpoint> -f /tmp/<file>.rdf.gz -t <admin_api_key> -U "xid"

or with dgraph/dgraph:master or even that dgraph live command without docker, I get the error above. I’ve also tried another backend and endpoint, same results. Not sure what sure what I am missing here.


Found the issue. I wasn’t using the grpc endpoint, I was using the GraphQL endpoint.