Slash-Graphql CLI Docs Missing, login and update-lambdas not working

I’m no longer able to find documentation on the slash-graphql cli. Has it been removed?

Also I am not able to login using slash-graphql login <email> <password>. I get Error contacting auth server.

Also I am not able to update lambdas by passing in an admin key (which works for updating the schema):

slash-graphql update-lambda -e <endpoint> -t <admin-key> -f <filepath>

Error: Please login with `slash-graphql login` in order to access endpoints by url

This lambda issue has been brought up before with promises of updates, but I also have not seen any updates. This used to work, and it would be nice if it could be fixed ASAP.

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Use cerebro

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So slash-graphql is no longer supported (and does not work. Unfortunately the Dgraph Cloud API seems not be ready as well. I have checked the linked docs and all I can see is how to

  • list all lambda’s on the server, and
  • update lambda’s on the server

How would I add a new one?

There is just one lambda. Within that lambda you can have many functions. Use updateLambda to update the contents of all lambda functions, or query the lambdaScript to get the actual script.

This is the actual lambda script in your Dgraph Admin console.


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