Would you be interested in being able to export your Slash Backend to Postgres?

Hey All,

We are trying to figure out what we should be building later this year into Slash GraphQL. One thing that we discussed was the ability to export your data from Slash and into a postgres backend. This would be a one time activity, not a live sync. We’ll create your tables based on the GraphQL schema, and load it up with your data.

We wanted to ask you all if this is something that you believe would be useful. The primary benefit would be to allow you to conveniently leave Slash at any point, as you could always export to an RDBMS. Let us know by commenting in this thread.



Absolutely. Is there currently a way to export slash graphql data to csv or some other generic format that can be imported back into another dgraph instance or postgresql?

Hi Pranay,

Thanks for the question. Yes there is a way to do this currently, please see (it’s at the bottom): https://graphql.dgraph.io/slash-graphql/administering-your-backend/


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Great. Thanks. Must have missed it cause the documentation keeps changing.

hi also interested in this!

Yes, it is always nice to have a standardized exit if need be.