Slash GraphQL Network Latency Due to Deploy Locations

Hi there,
I am currently giving SlashGraphQL (using GraphQL±) a test drive and thinks are looking good.

However, I noticed that each query takes about 500-700ms latency which is quite high for database communication especially if my service starts to receive traffic.

My first intuition is that I reside in the US East Coast while the only option Slash GraphQL gives for the US is to deploy the service in US West.

Are there plans to be able to deploy a Dgraph server in the east?


The free and cheap option means the deployed instance is shared with Slash GraphQL users.

Plus there’s cold start.

Are you using the cheaper option??

Yes, we will be launching in us-east-1 very soon.

In the meanwhile, Slash GraphQL supports http/2, so if you connect via a client that supports http connection pooling, you’ll be able to reduce latency quite a bit.