Slash GraphQL Release March 25th 2021

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: Now we also Secure your Data with Dgraph :closed_lock_with_key:


  • Faster, safer & seamless access with our inhouse authorization
    We have moved to an in-house auth system

    • We Have made authentication 8x faster (from 2s to 250ms )
    • It will require users to reset their password for Dgraph Cloud (apologies for the inconvenience).
  • Jaeger end-to-end distributed tracing

    • Now the user can enable Jaeger tracing from Dgraph cloud UI while creating/modifying their dedicated backend.
  • We have an Improved dashboard that provides better visibility & control over the backend.

  • We have made some changes to the UI to enhance the user experience.

  • A few bugs were squashed too