Some bugs on the new docs theme

Report a Dgraph Bug

What is the hardware spec (RAM, OS)?

macOS - Chrome, Safari.

Expected behavior and actual result.

This address shows a “smashed” page
If you resize the window to 972px it gets normal.
Compared to this page it looks like a bug to me.

Also check - On big monitors would be nice to use more space.

Some pages like this one
is missing the Table Of Contents. It just shows the rest ones, not the first. Not sure if this is the desired behavior.

These pages
I don’t see the Table Of Contents.

On the @media screen and (min-width: 1072px) article,

Remove the max-width and add: width: 100%

Right now there is no set width other than max-width so the width is fitting the paragraph width of the content and then the code boxes are filling that space only.

@MichelDiz The version of hugo was upgraded(v0.69.2) recently to fix table of contents issue and few other issues.

Nice, I goona review if the issue persists tomorrow.