Wiki Dgraph theme - Improvements/Bugs

Design for wiki

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To try out the Wiki theme, go to Preferences => Appearance => Chose Dgraph as Skin and Save.

Bugs/Improvements that I noted

Index Page

  1. Hover state missing on topics(E.g. - Dgraph, Performance) in the index page.

  2. Colors,font size, underlines of heading for topics don’t match design. Indentation also a bit messed up.

  3. Footer links need to be updated.

  4. Settings and Preferences menu shouldn’t be open at the same time.

Article Page

  1. Hover state in table of contents

  2. Need to double check background colors of the Note, Warning templates. Also note how in design Warning isn’t bold but has a different color. Also the boxes have rounded edges.

Some other observations.

  1. When you try to copy something from the code snippets, say some Query from Queries and Mutations page, the color is too light and you can’t see what are you copying probably because of the background color.

Can you notice how that I have selected some parts in there?
2. The font color of Contents is very light.

Good work though. :slight_smile: Love the new design.

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@nischayn22 has asked @Dragan to fix this one.

  1. As already mentioned, the background color scheme on code snippets should be reconsidered. When you select some text in that background, the selection is not quite visible.

  2. Adding to point 4 above, drop downs have weird behaviour. If I open a drop down and then click on search, it just redirects to search page instead of letting me type a search query.

  3. Formatting needs to be improved (space between columns) on Search Page

  4. One suggestion is we could add a ‘copy raw’ icon on code snippets on pages like Beginner’s Guide to make it easy to pick and paste code.

  5. In Contributing to Dgraph page, horizontal separator is missing just after topic headers (like General, etc.)


This has been fixed now.

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I think this is expected behavior. Hovering over the search icon will let you type in your query and clicking on it redirects you to the search page. The same thing is happening to me when the drop downs are closed.

Would be great to switch the fonts (Work Sans), they don’t look as good.

Update: Actually here’s the comparison:

Montserrat reg+bold looks better, IMO.

There’s extra vertical space between the boxes (warning, tip etc.) and the text. That should be decreased back to normal.

In Beginner’s Guide, the note is broken up – it considers a vertical space to be the end of the note, and no longer looks for the closing }}.

I had made the Template to hold only simple text and it was using a p tag. Since you have put a ul tag using wikicode the HTML is breaking out. Have made it to a div tag now and its looking fine.
Do let me know if that’s what you want for all the other templates.

Yeah. A lot of our templates have some sort of wiki markup.

Done for the following templates: Tip, Warning, TODO and Note
For others like Incomplete it could break the formatting so I haven’t done it there. Hopefully you are only using text for the “Reason” parameter there.

Okay that makes sense. They might have links and bold, italics etc. Syntax though. Would that work?

Its a p tag so it should work.

@nischayn22 Can we also set the default theme as Dgraph for new or anonymous users.

Otherwise Note and other templates look broken if you aren’t signed in.

Also, the padding around these boxes(Note, Warning) is a bit too much.

We definitely can. I just need a heads up from Manish for that.

Can you fix the spacing issue? Also, try out the fonts. Once that happens, we should be good to make this default.

@nischayn22 The indentation and the font under Other open source projects is still messed up on the home page.

What @pawan said.

We’re getting close – the main page is looking good. I think we can switch the default wiki to the new theme.

Did you try out the fonts, @nischayn22? Can you spend a day today and try out these changes today?

Fixed the Other open source projects links. I will try out the fonts too.

Cool, that makes sense.

But please take a look at search page. The bullet topics just below the search bar are a little messed up.

That’s part of an ongoing fix. We are working on it.

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