Subscription pass-through

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I Want to Do

Subscribe to external types

If an external type is backed by another GraphQL API, it would be great if Dgraph could support subscriptions on it.

Hey @stormking, welcome to the Dgraph forums!
I’ve marked your post as a feature request. It’s most definitely a cool feature to have. What happens next is that this feature request will go into a prioritization queue. Could you help by fleshing out how it might work?

It’s pretty simple:

How it might work should be pretty clear:

If I define a remote type and a custom query or a custom field with a GraphQL query to another GraphQL server and that query is subscribable, my type should be (optionally) subscribable, too. So if the data changes in the remote server, Dgraph will receive an event and should itself emit an event for the remote type or for the type with the custom field.

I hope my idea is clear enough for you to actually consider it.

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