Tracing - Deploy

Dgraph is integrated with OpenCensus to collect distributed traces from the Dgraph cluster.

Trace data is always collected within Dgraph. You can adjust the trace sampling rate for Dgraph queries with the --trace option for Dgraph Alphas. By default, --trace is set to 0.01 to trace 1% of queries.

Examining Traces with zPages

The most basic way to view traces is with the integrated trace pages.

OpenCensus’s zPages are accessible via the Zero or Alpha HTTP port at /z/tracez.

Examining Traces with Jaeger

Jaeger collects distributed traces and provides a UI to view and query traces across different services. This provides the necessary observability to figure out what is happening in the system.

Dgraph can be configured to send traces directly to a Jaeger collector with the --jaeger.collector flag. For example, if the Jaeger collector is running on http://localhost:14268, then pass the flag to the Dgraph Zero and Dgraph Alpha instances as --jaeger.collector=http://localhost:14268.

See Jaeger’s Getting Started docs to get up and running with Jaeger.

Setting up multiple Dgraph clusters with Jaeger

Jaeger allows you to examine traces from multiple Dgraph clusters. To do this, use the --collector.tags on a Jaeger collector to set custom trace tags. For example, run one collector with --collector.tags env=qa and then another collector with --collector.tags env=dev. In Dgraph, set the --jaeger.collector flag in the Dgraph QA cluster to the first collector and the flag in the Dgraph Dev cluster to the second collector. You can run multiple Jaeger collector components for the same single Jaeger backend (e.g., many Jaeger collectors to a single Cassandra backend). This is still a single Jaeger installation but with different collectors customizing the tags per environment.

Once you have this configured, you can filter by tags in the Jaeger UI. Filter traces by tags matching env=dev:


Every trace has your custom tags set under the “Process” section of each span:


Filter traces by tags matching env=qa:



For more information, check out Jaeger’s Deployment Guide.

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