Unable to query/mutate some types after Slash update

I’m seeing a host of things indicating an error state on my cloud backend after the update.

  • Operation Not Allowed: Undefined Location errors in client for nested queries that’ve worked for months

  • API Explorer says No Schema Available

  • Data Visualizer showing strange behavior on certain nested types: note UserAccessRecord is visible as a top-level query but the very same entity can’t be queried as a child of User

Update: API Explorer up as of now, but all other behavior remains. Interestingly, the same query that’s failing in client & presumably data visualizer works in API explorer.

Can you share:

  • Your Schema Types
  • Your Auth Rules
  • Your Dgraph.Authorization config line with secret keys removed/changed
  • An small example dataset

The more you can provide, the better we can assist.

Hi @CosmicPangolin1,

Regarding your first issue (operation not allowed). Did you disable anonymous access to the cloud backend?

The “No Schema Available” error was caused by our move from slash.dgraph.iocloud.dgraph.io. We had broken CORS rules while accessing the API explorer (though other clients should have been unaffected)

We’ll take a look at the data visualizer.

Would you mind DMing me your endpoint, so that I can take a look?


Also, would you mind sharing the nested query? Also, which client are you using?

If you have disabled anonymous access to the cloud backend, then the easiest thing to do is to generate a new API key, and pass that as the Dg-Auth header. Please see https://dgraph.io/docs/slash-graphql/security/ for more details

@gja Check your PMs I invited you to one with @verneleem

Hi - Are you using @dgraph directive?`


@gja pushed a fix that resolved me earlier in the day - but no @dgraph directive in my schema :slight_smile:

@CosmicPangolin1 Great to hear that, We need some more info on Data Visualizer bug that you reported

  • Is this first time you saw No Fields set, was it working previously ?

@CosmicPangolin1 We reached the depth of Data Visualizer Issue that you posted, Data Viz currently don’t support Interface.

we will be rolling out a fix to support Interface in a week or two

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