Unable to upgrade existing backend to paid plan

I have one backend that I’d like to upgrade to a paid plan. I remember seeing on the bottom left of the screen an option to upgrade but I can’t see that anymore.

The only way for me to upgrade right now is by creating a new instance, which doesn’t even show me us-east as an option anymore?

Screenshots below:

Hello there,

Thanks for the question.

You should be able to upgrade the backend to a paid backend by clicking “Settings”, then “Modify Backend”. Converting this backend to a paid backend will pop up a modal for your credit card.


Thank you @gja that seems to work.

However, I’m still unable to see us-east when i want to launch a new backend.


We are no longer allowing you to create shared backends in us-east-1. Existing backends will continue to work. You may launch a new shared backend in us-west-2, or launch a dedicated instance in us-east-1.

This is quite abrupt and without any notice. Have I missed anything?

Appreciate any input on whether there’s a timeline on when us-east might be enabled again.


Hey Marwan,

Glad you’re trying out Slash GraphQL!

We had tried running shared instances of Dgraph on US-East. But, the demand of them really lags behind the US-West, where we’re investing heavily. With shared instances at cheap price points, we want to first have a few locations more thoroughly used before expanding to new ones. So, for now, US-East is off the menu for shared instances. But, you can run dedicated instances there.

Hi Manish,

I appreciate your response. Unfortunately I will have to cancel my subscription until I can keep the db close to our servers in us-east or at furthest us-central.

I look forward to it coming back some time in the future.