Unfinished page: docs -- slash-graphql/security

  • Doc page: slash-graphql/security.md
  • Doc version: release/v20.07
    Not to be rude, but how is this release 20+? There is next to no content on the page and it clearly has sections that someone forgot to write.

Or perhaps it was overwritten?

New to dgraph and this is making it hard to get up and running with little experience.

We are following Calendar versioning so 20.07 means July 2020. You can find more information here: Why there would be no Dgraph 2.0: Goodbye Semantic Versioning - Dgraph Blog

The incomplete sentence looks like a bug. I will accept this issue and we will get it fixed.

Ooops. I guess i must have forgotten to save or something when writing that page. Apologies there. IAC, there was just going to be a warning that CORS only applies to browsers, and you should never use CORS as a way to secure your system (CORS can only protect user data).