Unverified API Key

I get this off and on when switching to slash graphsql tab.

A F5 refresh usually makes it go away.

I believe this has to do with the charting service that we use - chartio. The JWT token doesn’t last long - if your page is left idle for a long time, this happens. Please double check me @gja

I do leave it idle for a while.
For how few charts and how simple they are, there are a lot of options that would remove the dependency of ChartIO.

This actually may not be chartIO. We use a JWT token for use on the webapp. This token expires after a few hours, so if you leave your slash graphql tab open longer than that, you’ll lose access to the backend till you refresh.

I think this is something we will be fixing soon.

I am having this problem now, after many refresh and sign-out sign-in still not working. My App is broken until I can get this fixed.

I get it fairly often, but I leave it idle in my browser since I’m still learning and testing things. I did recently get logged out and had to log back in. Usually I just need to hit F5 and refresh the page to get things working again.

Tim, try clearing your cookies and cash, this usually fixes issues like this.

No luck, cleared all site storage and cookies

You tried another browser?

Do you get any error popups?
Have you checked console for errors?

I’m new here myself, but just some questions that might get you closer to a solution.

Thank you yes, trying many things now

I started getting same problem, I kept getting Unverified API Key even if I hit F5, Control F5 actually fixed it for me. If you cleared your cache, I doubt it will help you though as it is pretty much the same thing.

@timcash is this problem still plaguing you?